Ches's Fish & Chips

We are pleased to announce that you can find Five Brothers Artisan Cheese at all Ches's Fish & Chips locations across Newfoundland. Be sure to head into the nearest location and try our Bergy Bits curds on your poutine.

The National Basketball League of Canada

The St. John's Edge inaugural season is underway at Mile One Centre. Be sure to head down for some top quality basketball, grab a poutine made with our delicious Bergy Bits curds and cheer on YOUR home team.

Made Right Here!

All our cheeses are made with 100% milk from right here in Newfoundland & Labrador. Thank you to all the dairy farmers & delivery drivers who work so hard to get us the beautiful local milk to use.
Started in 2011, Five Brothers Artisan Cheese has grown from a small home based business to being the sole producer of cheese in Newfoundland and Labrador. Based in the Goulds, we produce a wide selection of cheeses including our lines of fresh cheeses and aged cheeses.