Bergy Bits Cheese Curds – Fresh cheddar cheese curds double milled by hand. The unique melting quality of curds make them great for poutines and sandwiches. Cheese curds are also a handy snack.










Avalon Cheddar – Cheddared by hand and aged a minimum of 60 days,  Avalon is sweet with a mild tang and creamy finish. Enjoy alone, pair with your favorite beer, nuts, or dried fruit, or use in a variety of cooked dishes.

Smokey Avalon Cheddar – Our signature Avalon is lightly smoked over real applewood.  A great addition to burgers and barbecued meat, and pairs well with onions, garlic, beer, and other savory foods.

Secret Gallows – A Five Brothers original cheese is like a flavour laser beam to the mouth. A stretched curd that is hung for three days gives this cheese a concentrated flavour.







Cabato Mozzarella – Cabato is a fresh, creamy hand stretched mozzarella. Perfect for your Caprese salad; pairs well with fresh or roasted vegetables, cured meats, fruits, and balsamic vinaigrette/reduction.











White Fleet Queso Fresco  – A fresh, pressed, milky white cheese popular in Portugal, Spain, and Latin America. Crumble on salads and tacos, pair with olives and roasted peppers, or incorporate into your favorite spicy dish. The semi-firm texture of White Fleet also makes it suitable for grilling and frying.




Logy Bay Jack with Hot Chilies – For those seeking spice in their lives, this cheese is for you. Crafted from an artisanal Monterey Jack recipe, curds are mixed with chili flakes before pressing for a bold but pleasant heat.

Logy Bay Jack w/ Chili Flakes








Farm Fresh Cheese w/ NL Cranberries – A fresh, unsalted fluffy cheese with a similar consistency to a Chevre. The cranberries used are from central Newfoundland and really the goes so well with the fresh cheese. This cheese is great for spreading on bagels, toast and crackers.