Spain & Italy


Sample pack of Spanish and Italian imported cheese. Available in 100 or 200 gram portions of each cheese;


Murcia al Vino      A real gem. It not only has a bold, delicious flavor, it has the intoxicating aroma of a good bottle of wine. Made from pasteurized goat's milk, the unique feature of Murcia al Vino is that it is washed in red wine during ripening. The wine deeply tints the cheese, giving the rind its characteristic burgundy color and imparting a strong floral bouquet.
Fontina Val d'Aosta      This semi-firm, cooked and pressed cheese is made from the raw milk of cows grazing in 6,500 foot high Alpine pastures and washed weekly in caves to develop its signature funk and keep the paste plump. The uniquely rich and nutty flavor is reminiscent of truffles, with a subtle fruity, grassy aroma and supple texture.
Idiazabal      Using only raw sheep's milk, this cheese has a compact texture, with a few pinprick holes. It is dry, but not crumbly, and feels pleasantly oily in the mouth. The rind carries the marks of the wooden forms in which it was drained. Although sometimes smoked, even unsmoked there is a characteristic smokey flavour which is the result of the cheeses having been stored near fireplaces.
Moliterno al Tartufo      A moderately sharp, beautifully aged cheese with intense truffle flavor. Made of raw sheep's milk, this cheese is aged and then injected with black truffles for more aging. The result is irresistible flavor and texture. Perfect to star alone as a cheese course or pairs wonderfully with red wines or dessert wines.