Five Brothers Sampler


Sample pack of Five Brothers Artisan Cheese lineup. Available in 100, 200, or 500 gram portions of each cheese;

Avalon Cheddar      Made by hand from start to finish and aged a minimum of 60 days, Avalon is sweet with a mild tang and creamy finish. Enjoy alone, pair with your favorite beer, nuts, or dried fruit, or use in a variety of cooked dishes.
Smokey Avalon Cheddar      Our signature Avalon is lightly smoked over real apple-wood. A great addition to burgers and barbecued meat, it pairs well with onions, garlic, beer, and other savory foods.
Aged Avalon Cheddar      Our signature Avalon Cheddar, aged for a minimum of 1 year.

Bergy Bits      Fresh hand-milled cheddar cheese curds. The unique melting quality of curds make them great for poutines and sandwiches. Cheese curds are also a handy snack.
White Fleet with Black Pepper Classic White Fleet laced with coarse cracked black peppercorns.