Five Brothers Sampler


Sample pack of Five Brothers Artisan Cheese lineup. Available in 100, 200, or 500 gram portions of each cheese;


Avalon Cheddar      Made by hand from start to finish and aged a minimum of 60 days, Avalon is sweet with a mild tang and creamy finish. Enjoy alone, pair with your favorite beer, nuts, or dried fruit, or use in a variety of cooked dishes.
Smokey Avalon Cheddar      Our signature Avalon is lightly smoked over real apple-wood. A great addition to burgers and barbecued meat, it pairs well with onions, garlic, beer, and other savory foods.

 Logy Bay Jack    Spicy Cheddar with hot chili flakes 

Bergy Bits      Fresh hand-milled cheddar cheese curds. The unique melting quality of curds make them great for poutines and sandwiches. Cheese curds are also a handy snack.

White Fleet with Black Pepper Classic White Fleet laced with coarse cracked black peppercorns.