Isolation Combination (Four Cheeses from Away)


Sample pack of imported cheese, perfect for your time in isolation! Available in 100 or 200 gram portions of each cheese;


Mimolette      Inspired by the Dutch cheese Edam, this French twist on an already inspiring classic dated back to the 17th century. Made with pasteurized cow's milk, its electric-orange paste has sweet, caramelized depth and smooth, fudgy finish. The rind's unique appearance and floral aroma is the work of tiny mites, specially evolved to cheese. So beloved and integral to this cheese, the French refer to the mites as tiny affineurs for their important role in the aging process.
Old Amsterdam      Premium, aged gouda cheese made from cow’s milk. It has a firm texture, deep color, and smooth, rich and robust flavor. Gouda cheese in general is named after the town of Gouda, located in the South Holland province of The Netherlands. Gouda has been a center of trade for farmers and cheese makers for centuries.
Gruyere      This deeply traditional raw cow's milk cheese is aged for a minimum of 20 months. Covered by a natural rind, the texture of the body of this cheese is dense during its youth, becoming flaky and somewhat granular as it ages. A palate of vast complexity, Gruyere enjoys ever evolving nuances. Opening with full-bodied, fruity tones, the flavors slowly journey towards earthy and nutty with a soft finale to finish.
Picobello      An Italian twist on a traditional Dutch cheese. Pasteurized cow's milk and a 6 month aging period lend this cheese a slightly dry mouthfeel, with just a touch of sweetness. The yellow-orange paste is crumbly, crunchy, crystalline, and rich like Parmigiano or aged Gouda. The paste is solid, punctuated by a few small holes. A taste of Picobello begins as subtle but grows quickly into a rich experience with the sweet notes of caramel, roasted nuts, and toasted breads, all flying over your tasted buds.