United Kindom


Sample pack of classic imported cheese from the United Kingdom. Available in 100 or 200 gram portions of each cheese;


Stilton Stevenson Reserve      Named after a cheesemaker from the late 1800s, this wheel of Stilton is aged for 15 weeks. Made of pasteurized cows’ milk using vegetarian rennet, Thomas Hoe Stevenson is clean, minerally and earthy, with a bit more of a salty tang than the Colston Bassett variety. It is a creamy coloured semi-hard cheese with greenish blue veining radiating from its centre and has a coat which is crusty, slightly wrinkled with a greyish brown hue.
Red Leicester      Say what you will about brightly colored cheese, this one is a true show stopper. Made with raw cow's milk, though quite similar, this cheese is not simply a cheddar variation. The eye catching deep red/orange colour cheese is quite different in both texture and moisture. Clothbound by hand, quite tangy in flavor, it is dense and crumbly with subtle hints of burnt caramel and earthen notes from the rind.
Isle of Mull Cheddar      A traditional farmhouse cheddar cheese, produced on the only dairy farm on the Isle of Mull off the West Coast of Scotland. The farm's Friesian cows' feed is regularly supplemented by the local Tobermory distillery’s discarded fermented grain, resulting in the very distinctive taste of the Isle of Mull cheese. Quite a moist, and soft textured cheese, its flavour is complex, deep and strong. The lightly alcoholic cows feed offers a feisty lingering tang with with hints fruity and yeast.